Ph: The Postgraduate Photography Research Network has been established as a research forum for doctoral students and early career academics working in the field of photography. It grew out of the frustration felt by a number of emerging scholars faced with a lack of opportunities to meet and discuss their work. The group convenes once a month at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, where participants have an opportunity to present their research and current projects in an atmosphere of intellectual rigour and peer support.

This website is conceived as a means of extending the group’s activities, by opening the discussion to a wider community of researchers, specialists and members of the public. It aims to provide a discursive space, in which to consider issues relating to photography, its production, dissemination, theorisation and histories. The heterogeneous character of its content, and of the discussion this is intended to generate, reflects the divergent interests of the group’s members, composed of UK-based researchers from a variety of institutions and backgrounds. Ph is above all a collaborative venture, unattached to any single organization.

While the conditions informing the production and reception of photography have undergone significant changes in recent years, it remains among the most pervasive forms of contemporary visual communication. We hope this forum will prove to be both a timely and important venture, providing a platform to reflect upon recent developments by placing them in a variety of critical and historical contexts. At the heart of the initiative lies the conviction that photography can provide a point of contact between different disciplines, discourses, periods and approaches and that, by opening a dialogue between them, we might better understand the positions it occupies in society and culture.

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