Documentary Aesthetics Conference

‘Documentary Aesthetics’ Conference

Friday November 5th 10.00-5.00
Sallis Benney Theatre, University of Brighton

What different forms may photographic documentary practices take today? What has been the impact of fine art based strategies upon the way that a documentary practice is understood? How does the aestheticisation of the image in the gallery affect the way we look at the documentary photograph? And what do we mean by aesthetics in this case? Can the concept of the aesthetic be a radical and critical force – or is it always linked to a form of passive consumerism? Above all what kinds of social knowledge can photographs in the gallery produce?

A day conference organised by the University of Brighton to support the Brighton PhotoBiennial.

Speakers and panelists include:

Hilde Van Gelder (professor of contemporary art history at Katholieke Universitaet Leuven,Belgium. co-director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography and the editor of Critical Realism in Contemporary Art, 2006)
David Bate (University of Westminster, photographic artist and writer, his latest photographic work ‘Australian Picnic’ deals with globalisation, and he recently published The Real Aesthetic: Documentary Noise in Portfolio no 51)
David Green (University of Brighton, editor of ’Where is the Photograph?’ Photoworks 2003, curator of ‘Theatres of the Real’ Antwerp Fotomuseum)
Sarah James (University of Oxford, writer and academic – currently writing a book on ‘German Photography: The Demands of Realism and the Aesthetics of Objectivity’,)
Stephen Bull (University of the Creative Arts, author of ‘Photography’ Routledge 2009)
Fergus Heron (University of Brighton, photographic artist)
Jason Evans (University of Newport, artist, curator, writer)

Tickets: £25 (including coffee and tea)
Cheques payable to the University of Brighton
Post to: Joanna Lowry (Photography)
School of Arts and Media
University of Brightpn
Grand Parade
East Sussex


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