This is what democracy looks like
A photographic protest in two symbolic acts
On 26 March 2011, thousands of people will take to the streets of London to demonstrate against the government’s cuts to public spending. These cuts will wreck the lives of millions, devastating our jobs, pay, pensions, NHS, education, transport, postal and other services. The government claims the cuts… Read More

Vivian Maier, Chicago street photographer

A recently discovered stockpile of work, including over 100,000 negatives, 3000 prints, and  hundreds of roles of undeveloped film by French-born, Chicago resident  Vivian Maier surfaced at auction in 2009, and has been getting some much-deserved attention. A recent piece in the Guardian shared what little is known about her, and was accompanied by a gallery of selected images…. Read More

Death of the Intellectual by Terry Eagleton

This was forwarded to me yesterday by a student at the Courtauld:

Death of the intellectual

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The British University as a Millbank Riot

From Bue Ruebner Hansen, via the Retort network
We saw two young kids dance to the heavy dub-step beats in the trashed lobby of the Conservative Party’s headquarters. She, sporting a short smart skirt and a hoodie, holding her hands up high; her parents or grandparents likely born in a former ‘oriental’ protectorate. He, in skinny jeans and a big jumper with a neon print;… Read More

A Poetic History: The Photographic Work of David Farrell.

(Paper presented by Clare French for ‘Beauty Will Save the World?’ a Postgraduate Conference on Art and Social Change at the University of Bristol, 7/9/10.  The conference was aimed at challenging the notion of art solely as reflecting the world and exploring the ways in which arts practice actively creates social meaning.
The paper should be read in conjunction with David… Read More

The Public University RIP

Not specifically photographic, but of relevance to us all, I think. I received this email through the Retort network yesterday.
The End of the Public University in England and Wales
James Vernon
I graduated from the University of Manchester in 1987 with no debt. I paid no fees and received a maintenance grant to earn a degree in Politics and Modern History. If my seventeen year… Read More

New issue of Papers of Surrealism

The current issue of the online journal Papers of Surrealism has two essays on surrealism and photography – my article on Hans Bellmer and Anna Gaskell, and an article on David Wojnarowicz. This is part of a special issue on queer sexuality and surrealism, edited by James Boaden.
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RCA Photography 2010 
Dates: 09/07/2010 to 03/09/2010
An exhibition of work by Royal College of Art post Graduates. Hoopers Gallery 2010 Summer Show exhibits the work of six graduates selected from this year’s MA Degree Show at the Royal College of Art.
Those taking part will be Lauren Winsor, Agata Madejska, Noemie Goudal, Amit Nachumi, Joshua Bilton, and Stuart Bailes.
Photographic… Read More

Dedicated Photography Issue of REBUS

The current issue of online journal REBUS responds to some of the issues raised at the postgraduate conference ‘Photography into Contemporary Art: The Bigger Picture,’ held in May 2009 at the University of Essex as part of the AHRC funded project ‘Aesthetics after Photography’. It features contributions from academics and postgraduate students from the UK and abroad… Read More

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