Curator: Look at Me! Images of Women & Ageing Exhibition

Curator: Look at Me! Images of Women & Ageing Exhibition

The University of Sheffield are looking for a curator for an exhibition in March 2011 which is the culmination of a 2 year research project into images of older women. The post-holder will be responsible for deciding on the selection, hanging and displaying of the images (photographs/fine art/sculptures) which have been created by the different strands of the research project. The exhibition will take place in a gallery in central Sheffield (The Workstation), another more commercial venue (TBC), and a university exhibition space (Jessop West). The post-holder will also be responsible for supervising the transfer of the exhibition from one venue to the other.

The Project:

The Look at Me! Images of Women and Ageing project (also known as the Representing Self- Representing Ageing project) is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council under the multi-disciplinary New Dynamics of Ageing programme (RES-356-30-000280). The aim of the Look at Me! project is to use creative arts to challenge images of ageing and to explore their contribution to participatory approaches to research in social gerontology. The 2-year initiative, which began in Oct 2009, has brought together researchers from gerontology (University of Sheffield), art therapy (University of Derby), an independent photographer/therapist, and from Eventus, a cultural development agency based in Sheffield. Together, they have run four different blocks of participatory workshops with a range of older women who were invited to explore media and cultural representations of older women and use fine art and photographic techniques to create their own images of ageing. Exhibitions of the images produced during the workshops will form an integral part of the research. Audiences to the exhibitions will have the opportunity to respond to the images via talking-head videos. A project website and DVD has been produced and the curator will have the opportunity to contribute to the website.


  • To select and present two and three-dimensional art works, and projected images (including both still and film) created during the workshops at two different venues in March 2011. This will include arranging framing/mounting, supervising fixing and advising on the future storage of the images and artworks. Basic practical support will be available for the hanging of the images.
  • To liaise with workshop participants at a designated event (2nd October 2010) about the hanging of the images they have created and take on board suggestions where appropriate.
  • Liaise with the project researcher and project administrator as required to co-ordinate the exhibition.
  • Devise a marketing plan for the exhibitions (using banners, billboards, posters, flyers etc). Supervise the delivery of this plan with support from the project team.
  • Required Skills and Experience
  • Expert knowledge of presenting two and three dimensional works, including photography and moving image, projections, and use of lightboxes and other media such as vinyl works.
  • Ability to bring together different or contrasting sets of images from participatory workshops in a way that meets the overall aims of the project.
  • Proven track record of curating complex exhibitions where sensitivity to the way in which images are contextualised (with text) and relate to one another is of paramount importance.
  • Knowledge of how best to frame, position, fix, store images.
  • Experience of developing an exhibition for multiple venues.
  • Ability to work to a limited budget.

Duration of contract:
A total of 15 days work between October 2010 and April 2011.


A daily rate of £200, to include all expenses, attendance at meetings etc.

For further information contact:
Naomi Richards:

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