November 2010

The Great Hunger – (Re)Visions of Aesthetics and Politics in Irish Republicanism.

Landscape Conference, Paris, November 25th 2010
The Great Hunger: (Re)Visions of Aesthetics and Politics in Irish Republicanism.
My paper focuses on two recent treatments of Irish Republicanism and explores artistic strategies in visual art.  Two distinct landscapes bookend this paper, Steve McQueen’s film, Hunger and David Farrell’s photographic work, Innocent Landscapes. Each employs a certain mythic register, summoning up rich iconic relationships to these different sites. … Read More

Call for papers 2011 SOFEIR Conference, 10-11 mars 2011 University of Brest, France

Call for papers
2011 SOFEIR Conference
(Société Française d’Etudes Irlandaises)
10-11 mars 2011
University of Brest, France
Freeze Frame : Focusing, Distorting, Restructuring
Images are all-important in our representations of the world, be it in the field of historical archives, political iconology or cultural and aesthetic productions.
The freeze frame and magnifying effect of photography has been extensively used and analysed by historians and the press alike. This is… Read More

The British University as a Millbank Riot

From Bue Ruebner Hansen, via the Retort network
We saw two young kids dance to the heavy dub-step beats in the trashed lobby of the Conservative Party’s headquarters. She, sporting a short smart skirt and a hoodie, holding her hands up high; her parents or grandparents likely born in a former ‘oriental’ protectorate. He, in skinny jeans and a big jumper with a neon print; his background likely to be found in a British colony in the Caribbean or Africa. Around them young… Read More

Research Seminar, University of Brighton

University of Brighton Centre for Research in Memory, Narrative and Histories
Research Seminar Series 2010-11

Annebella Pollen, University of Brighton
‘“Historians in Two Hundred Years’ Time Are Going To Die for That!”
Events and Non-events in the Mass Observation Archive’s “One Day for Life” Photography Collection
Wednesday 17th November 2010
5.30 get together and drinks for 6.00 start until c. 7.30
M57, CRD, Mezzanine Floor, Grand Parade,… Read More

A Poetic History: The Photographic Work of David Farrell.

(Paper presented by Clare French for ‘Beauty Will Save the World?’ a Postgraduate Conference on Art and Social Change at the University of Bristol, 7/9/10.  The conference was aimed at challenging the notion of art solely as reflecting the world and exploring the ways in which arts practice actively creates social meaning.
The paper should be read in conjunction with David Farrell’s blog which can be found at
This paper examines “Innocent Landscapes:… Read More

Demo against the cuts to higher education funding 10.11.10

The government’s Comprehensive Spending Review has announced 80% cuts in the teaching grant to all non-science subjects in universities throughout the UK, which could begin to take effect as soon as April 2011.
On Wednesday November 10th there is a demonstration against the cuts in higher education which is jointly organised by the National Union of Students (NUS) & the University & Colleges Union (UCU).
I urge as many people as possible to attend.
 Read More

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