January 2011

CFP: Philosophy of Photography Journal

Philosophy of Photography Journal

Call for Papers
The editors welcome inquiries and submissions from researchers and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines, who seek to explore any aspect of photography from a theoretical standpoint. The journal publishes articles, reviews, conference reports, occasional symposia on key topics and critical analyses of technical developments. The editors will also consider proposals for contributions in… Read More

Vivian Maier, Chicago street photographer

A recently discovered stockpile of work, including over 100,000 negatives, 3000 prints, and  hundreds of roles of undeveloped film by French-born, Chicago resident  Vivian Maier surfaced at auction in 2009, and has been getting some much-deserved attention. A recent piece in the Guardian shared what little is known about her, and was accompanied by a gallery of selected images. And according to the blog dedicated to her, where many more of her images can be seen, there is a… Read More

On the ephemeral in photography

A new exhibition at Hot Shoe Gallery opening on 19 Jan: Hotshoe Gallery, in collaboration with Ordinary-Light Photography, is pleased to present a group show themed around the concept of the ephemeral in photography.
This exhibition is an investigation into the fleeting moment; the profound way in which things appear and then quickly cease to be. Photography, both as an art form and a technological process, is tied to this concept in several unique and fundamental ways.
The… Read More

‘Suspicious Acts’ in Society’s ‘Sensitive Places’: Consent and Constraint in Citizen Photography

A version of this short essay was originally written for Kiosk, the magazine of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Kingston University, in response to the theme of ‘constraint’ in contemporary society and culture. It presents an overview of the ways in which the act of photography has become subject to increasing levels of control, both real and imagined, that reflect a growing unease in which as photographers we all come under suspicion.
Recently, I heard… Read More

London Street Photography

A new Museum of London exhibition opens on 18 February titled ‘London Street Photography’. It will include over 200 photographs covering the period from 1860 to the present day and will feature the work of some 60 photographers, including Valentine Blanchard, Paul Martin, Wolf Suschitzky and Paul Trevor.
Entrance is free and the exhibition will run until 4 September. More detail can be found on the Museum of London website.
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Hoppé Portraits: Society, Studio and Street

This forthcoming exhibition is to be held at the National Portrait Gallery from 17 February to 30 May 2011.
Emil Otto Hoppé was an prominent photographer in Britain during the first half of the Twentieth Century. His society portraiture and photojournalism of day-to-day life in interwar period will be featured in the exhibition.
More information can be found here.
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