On the ephemeral in photography

On the ephemeral in photography

A new exhibition at Hot Shoe Gallery opening on 19 Jan: Hotshoe Gallery, in collaboration with Ordinary-Light Photography, is pleased to present a group show themed around the concept of the ephemeral in photography.

This exhibition is an investigation into the fleeting moment; the profound way in which things appear and then quickly cease to be. Photography, both as an art form and a technological process, is tied to this concept in several unique and fundamental ways.

The exhibition seeks to investigate these ideas through a number of artist’s works, whilst also begging wider questions of contemporary culture with specific regard to technology, the immaterial, documentation, speed, inconsistency and the ‘throw-away’.

Photographers include Ori Gersht, Rut Blees Luxemburg, David Maisel, Julian Stallabrass, Steffi Klenz, Mikael Gregorsky, Lewis Ronald, Jeff Millikan, Jefferson Hayman, Frederic Fontenoy.

More details here: http://www.hotshoegallery.com/current/on-the-ephemeral-in-photography/

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