How to Photograph Men’s Fashion Well for UK Students

When you think of fashion photography in your studies, you will often first think of female models wearing female clothing, but there are still strong male modelling routes in the United Kingdom, bringing with them a whole host of new fashion styles, that are often globally trend setting.

The Male Photography Global Market

There is a large market for male models that’s growing every day, as men become more comfortable spending time on their appearance and taking care of themselves becomes more globally accepted.

There are far more people in the gym, and investing in fashionable clothing such as blazers, shirts, accessories, and bags.

Male Fashion and the New Online Age

With the rise of social media such as Instagram, male fashion has come forward, with a whole host of local stars promoting new trends and clothing to a global audience.

Male shoots will often not have a makeup artist, with a natural look and after effect editing preferred. The look and emotion of a male model can really be tested, with a focus on bringing in extremes of mood to create eye catching images.

Clothing Used In Male model Photography

The clothing used will obviously be the brand of the company you’re working for if it’s that sort of shoot, but if not then I tend to mix up styles a little bit. One area that people will  often miss is the accessories, particularly in a work or inner city environment, where you can match a business bag with the style such as a men’s leather briefcase, which will really bring the look together.

Using Lighting To Enhance Photos

With the reduction of makeup used in male photos, the lighting becomes ever more important to the process. It’s important to make sure the right parts of the face and outfit are lit, whilst also adding the correct shadow to convey the mood and tone of the piece effectively.

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