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Weatherproof Garden Furniture Guide and Plants

Things have changed a lot in the last 100 years in regards to horticulture techniques and technologies. That’s why I will be going over the best way to do gardening in the 21st century, taking into account new techniques and old classics that will help you on your way to becoming a proficient gardeners.

Part 1: Planting Borders – Bedding and Perennials

One of the main things that hasn’t changed a whole lot is the type of plants you tend to see here in the UK. When planting borders, you should look for a mix of perennials and bedding plants, to provide you stunning colour, with consistent foliage throughout the year. Adding a variety of evergreen plants can also keep your borders looking good at all times, along with well positioning bulbs to add colour in spring and autumn.

Part 2: Decoration & Structure – All Weather Furniture and Furnishings

We all know the importance of a well laid out structure in your garden. It’s hard to differ from the classic style of path, patio and border, but if you can get creative, there are some modern contemporary styles that can really add a wow factor to your garden.

You can add tiered fencing, to split your garden into visually different sections. You can also use trailing plants, and tall trees to separate the sections, but these can get more expensive. There is also an added benefit of testing out different types of plants in these areas.

You can furnish your garden in various ways, but I recommend choosing some sort of burner or chimnea, and using that as a centre point, then browsing online for garden furniture that can go around this, such as a corner sofa set or modular rattan set, both available at shops such as, who are very highly recommended. These work especially well as they are both pieces of weatherproof furniture, which means you can leave them outside without the need to store or cover them.

Part 3: Maintaining and Growing

Any serious gardener worth their salt should be looking to constantly improve their garden, and also to start growing their own plants from cuttings. This is not only very rewarding, but a great money saving endeavor too! You can start by taking cuttings of your favourite plants, and storing them in compost in your greenhouse. These garden structures are great for doing garden maintenance, especially in the cold winter months.

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